It’s hard to forget something beautiful.

Whether it be music, nature, people, art, or food, when you come to witness something that fills you with wonder, the memory of it will linger throughout your lifetime.

That’s the importance of first impressions.

Try erasing the memories of your first love or forgetting the lyrics to your favorite song. It’s not impossible, but it is difficult. Things l

ike that are bound to stick with you.

In aesthetics, that indescribable emotion is what we strive for. That irresistible first glance and the lasting effects afterwards, we try to identify and distill that primal instinct and apply it in everything we do.

We want to make work that lasts in the minds of those that see it. Your memories and your passions turned into art, that is what we strive to accomplish.

Tell us what you find beautiful and we will tell it to the world.

We promise.




Staying up to date.

The trap of the artist is regurgitating media that has been outdated due to their own personal preference. As a creative agency it is our job to be on the cutting edge of  art and design. New ideas and methods are constantly flooding in to the scene, its up to us to pick out the good and build from that. There have been times when a new style comes out and some of our staff hesitate to adapt to it, because its something out of our comfort zone. But the only way to grow is to immerse oneself into the unknown and out of the cave of discomfort and confusion one can retrieve precious jewels or ideas that will revolutionize the design industry.

It is our Goal as a company to be those explorers, those astronauts that cross the boundaries or design, film and photography. This is why we have compiled a group of experts in their own right to come together and work as a unit which will eventually reach this goal. We push ourselves to be creative, here is a helpful video on how to keep your mind open and creative through out your life. Creativity is what separates the mediocre and mundane from the phenomenal and awe inspiring.


A Question. Its been said that beauty has been constant since the beginning of time. For example a beautiful scenery like a view of a tropical island has been considered beautiful in the past, today and in the future. But what is it that makes something look attractive? what makes a photograph capture your imagination or a design to ignite your inspiration? We are interested in hearing your theories and ideas.

Online store Simply Klee

This design was a fun one. This is a new store opening up on etsy.

which provides unique hand crafted goods. The owner wanted a nautical feel to

her logo. I had the idea of making the sails of a sail boat into the “E’s” and I went from there.

this is the finished product and she absolutely loved it. hope you enjoy.

visit her store by clicking here